Board of Education

Carlin Bennett, President
Dr. Dave Dahlbeck, Vice President
Claire Poley Esq., Secretary 
Dr. Justin Bain, Member
Dr. Steven Douglas, Member
Dana Brown-Ellis, Member
Brian Mainord, Member

Lesli Jones, Superintendent of Schools

Our Mission Statement
The East Prairie R-2 School District will educate students to become
responsible, productive citizens for the 21st Century.

Vision Statement
The East Prairie R-2 School District will provide an educational program that
prepares students for the future by being visionary in our application of knowledge,
technology, and educational methods. We will provide educational programs that
will meet the needs of college bound students as well as those with interests in
vocational and school to work programs of study. We will offer a breadth in school
programs at all levels that will provide for students' individual needs, interests,
desires, and abilities. We will provide quality instruction that will help each
individual develop his/her intellectual, emotional, social, and physical potential
to the highest level.